How i Learn Programming Lang in Soc Networking

Nowadays social network become something that very famous and can’t be separated away from our daily life. Many people who know internet in this world will access this social network although only a minute in a day in their daily life. The most popular social network in the world is Facebook, either in Indonesia. There are so many understanding about social networking, for me social network is a kind of media that can make us connect to the other people in the internet and sharing what we know with them, we also can discuss something that we are interest on it with other people who might we don’t know  before. According to my point of view about social networking then i will include WordPress and Kaskus as social networking too because they can provide what other social network can provide too like sharing photos, videos, giving comment, and getting new friends.

Today we have an internet that  provides everything to us. We can study everything we want in here include study about programming language. In this topic i just will write about how to learn programming language with social network. In social network we can share a link that can redirect to another link, with this feature i usually share a link that connect to an information or news about programming language, sometimes i share about programming problems too. In facebook after i share a link, my friend will give a comment about what i shared, if its about a problem they will try to answer it and a great discussion will start automically with this. In facebook i see that the discussion is too simple and only our friend who can discuss with us, so i rarely used facebook to learn about programming language, i prefer use kaskus and wordpress to share and discuss.

In kaskus there is a Computer Stuff Forum and inside it there is a sub-forum called Programmer Forum. In this subforum i usually learn about programming language. There are so many topics of programming language available. In this subforum there are  threads which discuss specific issues about programming language, for example threads about C++, Java, C#, PHP, etc. If we want to learn effectively and discuss with someone who advance on a topic (for ex. About Java) we can join in this kind of  thread. When try to write and compile a program source code sometime we meet bugs and we can’t solve this problem alone. In my cases i will post this problem in a new thread so someone can see that problem and aswer it. But before i post this problem sometime i searh this problem in kaskus first, maybe there are people who had same problems with me and had ever post about this before, if i can’t find the solutions then i will make a new thread. In my new thread sometimes advance programmer will answer with the right solution and then a discussion will start from this. The plus value from kaskus to learn programming is it supported by million of active user , so what we post or ask will be seen by them. Kaskus not only have plus value but also negatif value. This negatif value come when our problem answered by user who didn’t know the answer, they just want to say “Hi” or “hello” in our thread. I think its not a big problem because its a social networking, everybody wants to connect and communicate with everyone, so sometimesi will answer their greetings with say “hello there”

In wordpress i can do the same thing like i do in facebook and kaskus but i don’t do that because wordpress providing something more interesting for me to learn. Its about programming language too but its more specific, its about web programming. In wordpress there is a special feature in a theme who had we installed before called editor. In this editor we can edit the source code of our wordpress theme and modify it to make the theme looks new, different and fresh. This source code contains programming language like HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, MySql, etc. Before we can modify this source code we need to know the basic of programming language that used to write that theme. In this case, i will use kaskus to learn about their basic.  After know the basic then its time coding, i will modify the theme source code and view the changes in localhost because i didn’t have a self-hosting website yet. If i found any mistakes or errors i will ask the advance programmer in kaskus again. For me wordpress is the best tool to learn about web programming, we can fastly see the effect and the differences after and before we modify. In my opinion the negative side when we use wordpress is we need to install it on localhost or in self-host in internet.

I think its all end here, its all my way to learn programming language in social network, every media has its own great feature and plus value, it depends to us which media will we use to learn and how we will learn because the most important thing that we need when we study something new is we need to comfort with the situation and we need to fun when doing this activity. Let’s coding….





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