Negotiation Technique

Happiness is something that everybody looking for. In a daily life sometime there are a few people who have a lot of money but they did not happy at all. But in the other hand there are several people who live in limitation but they are happy. So what actually we can do to be a happy person. Mr Tamzil Zainal has a receipt how to be happy. He combine the soft skill and hard skill so it will produce happiness in our life. Hard skill is something that we could learn in academic life, soft skill is what we get from socializing with other people. Soft skill consists of Leadership, Management, Communication, Customer Services, and Religion. We need all of this thing to get happiness in our life.

So what is negotiation?. Negotiation is a process to find an approval between two sides and could be received by both of them. Negotiation could be interpreted as a relation, relation to find balance between our destiny and partners destiny. Negotiation consist of inter-personal communication that could be done by verbal communication(two-ways communication) for example is meeting, negotiation, dialogue, etc.


Inter-personal communication consist of several thing such as talking, asking, interacting, simple language, and body language. Talking ability is the most important competence in inter-personal communication. In the past there is a word that says “Silent is golden”, this is a false perception in inter-personal communication. We can not say what we want if we keep silent, we need to talk, we need to interact, not just silent. Tha clarity of talking can influent our talking partners. There are three kind of clarity speech, they are Kinestetics (try and feel), Audio (listen and speak), and Visual (see and forming).

In inter-personal communication sometime we need to see our talking partner, we need to know their education background so we could choose the right words to say. We need to say something in general word rather than using specific term. Body language is one other important thing in inter-personal communication. Eye movement is important when we talk with more than one person, we need to spread our vision evently.  Our hand could be a help to clear up what we are talking. Friendly face will make us easy to be accepted in new community. The last is touching, this is important too to represent our adjacency with talking partner.

There are several main key to be succesfull in negotiation. The first thing is talk, we need to talk but only necessary thing, we should more listen than talking. The second thing is our ability to research what is going with our talking partner, we need to observer as much as we can from them. The third is long-term thinking or we need to think beyond the future so we could predict the future. The last thing is expressive when tell the fact. Fact is important so we need a special skill to inform this facts.

The negotiation phase consists of 5 phases. The first is preparation. In this phases we need to prepare our purpose, physics, mentality and rejection anticipation. The next phases is Dialog, this phases is important to build relations and truthworthiness between us and partner. The third phases is Bidding. In this step we will ask to mention our hope related to feature and benefit. The next phases is Offering. In this step we will clarify the bidding that we had make before. And the last phases is Agreement, this is the last and most important step, we need to write down and make signature in a paper as a proof that we had make an agreement with partner.

This note was taken from the General Lecture by Tamzil Z, Msi, Acs. in my IT Project Management Class.





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