Sehat Sutardja and the Four “P”

Blackberry has become a phenomenon in this country. But no one knows before that behind the toughness of Blackberry there is an Indonesian who is very important in Blackberry progress. Who is he? He is Sehat Sutardja, the man behind a microprocessor company called Marvell Technology Group Ltd. Maybe not all Indonesian people knows about him before including Blackberry user. Since he shows up himself in the national TV program, people start to know and realize that there is an Indonesian person who is very great and inspiring.

In this article I will try analysis about Sehat Sutardja, Marvell Technology and Software Engineering. In Software Engineering we know about Four “P”s. the first P is Person, yes person. The one behind the success of Marvell Technology is Sehat Sutardja of course. He is the CEO, chairman, and co-founder of this company. Come from a poor family makes him become a very tough person. This toughness makes him become a great leader in his company with approximately 5,700 employees.

            The second “P” is Process. In this case, Sehat Sutardja not suddenly become a great and rich person. He through a very long journey before he can reach this positon right now. Start from Indonesia, he studied until Senior High School and then continue his education in Undergraduate Program in United States. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from Iowa State University. But he did not satisfied with this bachelor degree, then he continue his study in  University of California, Berkeley and get Master of Science and PhD degrees in electrical engineering and computer science. All of this step of education brings him into this position right now.

The third “P” is Project. In this case I think that project is about how Sehat Sutardja manage his company so it can be as great as now. He has approximately 5,700 employees and all of them comes with different background. He need a good leadership to control them and makes them satisfied in this company. He must know what the employees wants and what their habits. In this cases Sehat describes his management philosophy as a combination of two famous Silicon Valley styles: the “only the paranoid survive” mantra of Intel’s former CEO Andrew Grove, and Hewlett-Packard’s “management by walking around,” which encourages executives to interact more with their employees. I think the success of his company right now start from this great philosophy.

            The last “P” is Product. There are very much product that he made and He has been awarded more than 150 patents. With his company he produce one of the best microprocessor. Nowadays there are very much mobile phone brand who uses their microprocessor as main processor in smartphone. On of that brand is Blackberry with the product BlackBerry Bold 9000 that uses Marvell PXA930 624MHz microprocessor. Marvell produces the other thing too like Marvell Mobile Hotspot (MMH) is an in-car Wi-Fi connectivity. The 2010 Audi A8 is the first automobile in the market to feature a factory-installed MMH.

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Author: Wahyu Nuryanto

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