Angel Beats – Yui’s Final

Yui           : I was paralyzed in the past, so this was amazingly fun.
Hinata     : So they’re all fulfilled?
Yui           : Fulfilled? What is?
Hinata     : Everything you wanted to do when you couldn’t move.
Yui           : Oh…There’s one more.
Otonashi : What?
Yui           : Marriage.
Yui           : The ultimate happiness for a girl.
Yui           : But I can’t do housework or cleaning or anything…
Yui           : Actually, I can’t do anything by myself.
Yui           : I’m nothing but trouble, dragging everyone else down.
Yui           : I guess no one would want to take me…
Yui           : God is pretty mean….
Yui           : My happiness…
Yui           : It was all taken from me.
Otonashi : That’s not true.
Yui           : Then, senpai…
Yui           : will you marry me?
Otonashi : I…
Hinata     : I’ll do it!
Otonashi : Hinata…
Hinata     : I’ll marry you.
Hinata     : I’m serious.
Yui           : But…
Yui           : You don’t know the real me…
Hinata     : No matter what happens to you in the real world,
Hinata     : I’ll marry you!
Hinata     : No matter what kind of sickness you have!
Yui           : I can’t walk or even stand…
Hinata     : I said no matter what kind!!
Hinata     : Even if you can’t walk or stand,
Hinata     : or even if you can’t have kids!
Hinata     : I’ll still marry you!
Hinata     : I’ll always stay by your side.
Hinata     : The Yui I met here isn’t fake.
Hinata     : It’s the real Yui!
Hinata     : No matter where or how I meet you, I’ll fall in love with you.
Hinata     : If I can meet you again, against the 6 billion to 1 odds,
Hinata     : and even if your body can’t move,
Hinata     : I’ll marry you.
Yui           : We won’t meet…
Yui           : I’m always in bed at home.
Hinata     : I play baseball you know.
Hinata     : One day, I’ll smash a baseball through your window,
Hinata     : and when I go to get it, I’ll find you.
Hinata     : That’s how we’ll meet.
Hinata     : We’ll end up talking, we’ll get along, and before I know it I’ll be visiting you every day.
Hinata     : What do you think?
Yui           : Yeah…
Yui           : Hey, when that happens…
Yui           : My mom’s always working hard by herself to take care of me…
Yui           : Could you help her out?
Hinata     : Leave it to me.
Yui           : Thank goodness…


Author: Wahyu Nuryanto

Amateur blogger, passionate writer

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