Author: Wahyu Nuryanto

Amateur blogger, passionate writer

6 thoughts on “Oremonogatari”

      1. saya dari Malaysia. paling tertarik dengan salah satu entry awk: ‘why always happy ending’. hehe. saya pun tertanya-tanya kenapa semua novel, drama dan lain2 always have a happy ending padahal realiti tak macam tu pun. then, i go through your entry one by one.. hehe.. hilangkan bosan malam-malam ni.. 🙂

      2. Haha yeah, sad ending is my favorite but a lot of people don’t like it and when it goes to business they will follow what almost people like except those who like to breaks the rules 😉 Maybe you have some recommendations for movies/novel/anime/manga that have sad ending?

      3. I’ve watched only a few movies that have a sad ending such as ‘the fault in our stars’ and a thai movie: ‘my true friend’.. A korean movie ‘warewolf boy’ also being said ends with a sad ending but i didnt watch it yet..

      4. Nice recommendations, “The Fault in Our Stars” i also like it, better than the novel i think, the combination of their acts and music theme is really good, if you like Anime Movies, you could try “Grave of The Fireflies”

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