A-Z Challenges Topics : Information & Internet Security

It is not mentioned in the challenge’s rules that the posts should have a spesific topic, but i decided to have one. Because i think it will make me easier to post and makes it connected one to each others between that blog post. I choose this topic because this is what i am doing and i can not think the other things 😀 Maybe anime is another topic that crossing my head but i realized that i do not have that much of knowledge about this field.
So, everyday i will make a blog post except in sunday because i will sleep all day long 😀 The first will be a term related to this topic starting with A. Maybe if i have more times, i will give more than just one term.
Oh and all of the posts will be in Bahasa Indonesia, it is not because i do not want to write it in english but there are a lot of referrence related to this topic explained in english already and i love bahasa 😉


Author: Wahyu Nuryanto

Amateur blogger, passionate writer

2 thoughts on “A-Z Challenges Topics : Information & Internet Security”

    1. Hi, thanks for visiting. I already checked yours in new blog, nice post. If you need any recommendation with anime in spesific genre maybe you could just visit myanimelist.net, it is a goodreads version of anime 😉 but i think for sure, not all the title available in netflix, you could try daisuki.net also, it is a free and legal anime streaming 😉

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