A to Z challenge: FAILED

Oh damn, i forgot to post. As always, a lot of tasks makes me really busy, and forgoten about this one. Maybe one of my biggest mistakes is not making a reminder to make a post everyday.
Bye for this year challenge, hope will get better for next year challenge 😉


Author: Wahyu Nuryanto

Amateur blogger, passionate writer

2 thoughts on “A to Z challenge: FAILED”

  1. Try doing an auto post so you dont need to worry about forgetting. You just need to remember then to visit other bloggers. Many of us have all of our content written before April runs around. This year I had 20 posts written ( 10 for each blog). Its a great way to meet people and get motivated to write each day.
    will see you around on WP

  2. Oh no, I’m sorry it didn’t pan out. I write mine in advance by a few days and post them as soon as I can, or auto schedule them.
    Hopefully you can try again next year.

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